Julie Webb-Pullman reports

The calm before the storm: Gaza skies quiet – but for how long?

Following its opening for two hours for internationals only to leave, Erez Crossing closed again, and those still queuing were advised to return to Gaza City.

Meanwhile, Ehud Barak, the Israeli defence minister, said that Israeli air strikes had killed 15 Palestinian militants in the territory in the past week, and that “Israel could be forced to take more robust action.”

No Israelis have been killed during the same period, and only one Israeli soldier has been wounded – and that in response to Israeli military fire.

Despite the clear evidence that Israel is the aggressor, and the Gazan resistance is responding in self-defence, Israel continues its spin to justify what it hopes to be a vote-catching operation.

“If we need a ground operation, there will be a ground operation,” Ehud Barak told Israel Radio, while Netanyahu warned of “extensive and deeper action,” according to Ma’an.

Although the skies have been relatively quiet this afternoon, Gazawis remain on alert in expectation of further disproportionate Israeli response to Gaza’s legitimate exercise of the right to self-determination, resistance, and self-defence.


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