Julie Webb-Pullman reports

Israeli tanks inside Gaza, silence outside.

At least four Israeli tanks and four bulldozers are currently illegally in Gaza territory north-east of Al Bureij razing the land, while their henchmen shoot indiscriminately.

In yet another of their thousands of illegal incursions into Gaza, Israeli defence forces continue to level what was once productive farmland, and terrorise the local population.

Palestinian farmers under constant threat from Israeli fire

In yet another of their millions of examples of abject hypocrisy and pandering to Israel, the international community does nothing.

When Hitler did it in Poland, it was called lebensraum and the international community launched an all-out war to stop him.

When Israel does it in Palestine, it is called the two-state solution, and slimy politicians get Nobel Peace Prizes as thousands of Palestinians are condemned to die, or suffer torture, misery, torment and hardship, or all of the above.

The US Security Council has passed over 100 Resolutions condemning Israel, all of which Israel has ignored.

UN Security Council sanctions to enforce co-operation with international law or to contain a threat to peace have been imposed against more than 33 countries, including Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya.

Yet it has never imposed sanctions against Israel, the biggest violator of international law on the planet.

La lucha sigue.

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