Julie Webb-Pullman reports

Women and Sharia Law

Judge Sayed Adbul Malik Abu Jabin gave a seminar on women and family law to members of international NGOs lawyers and other interested people in Gaza City on Wednesday.

Dr Sayed Abdul Malik Abu Jabin explains Sharia Law

Judge Abu Jabin, who gained a doctorate in Islamic Law from the Islamic University of Gaza, is a Judge of the Islamic High Court, a member of the Higher Council of the Islamic Court, heads the Investigation and Research of Islamic law Organisation, and is a member of “Peace Between the People” mediation society.

His seminar gave an overview of the rights and responsibilities of both women and men in the Muslim family in relation to marriage, separation, divorce, and on becoming widowed. Their respective responsibilities to their children following separation, divorce or death were also covered.

The seminar was extremely well-received by those present, and generated so many questions that
future sessions will be held that go into specific issues in more detail.

Organised by the Italian-Palestinian Exchange Centre, the seminar was the first in a planned series about Sharia and Palestinian law. A range of topics will be presented, and in the spirit of exchange, Italian and other experts will also be invited to speak on a variety of specialised topics from their country.

Oragniser Meri Calvelli said: “In the same way that we have sports exchanges between countries, we are having legal exchanges so that Palestinians and internationals can share their knowledge and experience, and learn from each other.”


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