Julie Webb-Pullman reports

Help Gaza SCOOP help Gaza!

I have been in Gaza for most of the past three years, trying to shine a light on the reality of a besieged territory which is continuously under attack from land, sea and air.

We launched the first phase of Gaza.Scoop.ps in May 2012, and we’re now embarking on Phase Two: moving Gaza SCOOP towards full local operator-ownership as an independent media agency producing local English-language content for national and international media.

To achieve this we need a critical mass of local journalists writing in English. So with your help, we will now also provide on-the-job training and experience for English-language and media graduates, 56% of who face unemployment.

Gaza.scoop.ps will continue to combine original news reporting, pictures and video, sourcing content from civil society, NGOs, other news agencies and the Gaza Government.

The current situation in Gaza is dire – the Israeli siege has been tightened to strangulation point, exacerbated by the closure of the tunnels to Egypt which formed the only alternative lifeline.

The lack of basics for survival such as drinkable water, medicines, electricity and cooking gas have led the UN and other international agencies to describe the situation as a looming humanitarian crisis.

People in Gaza depend for their survival on the international community being aware of what is going on here, and Gaza.scoop.ps is one of the few tools available to keep the international community informed. But it needs your help!

Please give generously by using the DONATE button on the right, and help Gaza help themselves, and each other.

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