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Text of the Palestinian Reconciliation Agreement

Head of Hamas government Ismail Haniyeh (C) and senior Fatah official Azzam Al-Ahmed (2nd L) sign the reconciliation agreement. Gaza City April 23, 2014.

Head of Hamas government Ismail Haniyeh (C) and senior Fatah official Azzam Al-Ahmed (2nd L) sign the reconciliation agreement. Gaza City April 23, 2014.

Statement issued following the meeting between the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s delegation and the Hamas movement to end the division and implement National Reconciliation.

In the name of God the Merciful

“Hold on to God and be not divided among yourselves”

At a time when the attack on the Palestinian cause is growing, at all levels; and at a time of increasing attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque, the first Qibla and the site of the Misra of the Prophet, peace be upon Him; and as operations to Judaize the occupied city of Jerusalem and eliminate its Arab identity intensify; and as our Islamic and Christian holy sites are desecrated; and as settlements penetrate the steadfast territory of the West Bank; and as the occupation neglects all international agreements, treaties, pacts and norms; as its army intensifies its aggressions and surpasses all borders, and its leaders scheme against our people and leaders by means of this loathsome division; and as [the occupation’s] settlers run wild over people, trees and stones; and as our male and female prisoners are subjected to the worst forms of abuse in the occupation’s jails.

At a time when the suffocating siege is tightening on our great Strip, and humanitarian problems intensify for our steadfast brothers [in the Strip]; and at a time when our people’s suffering continues, whether in the homeland or diaspora; national reconciliation, ending the Palestinian division, restoring and strengthening national unity, and putting in place controls that ensure stability, continuity and growth becomes a national duty.

After the brothers reviewed the political situation affecting our national cause, and the political stalemate resulting from Israeli politics and intransigence, everyone has [realized] the national responsibility of joint action, and the need to strengthen partnership in policy and decision-making, so that our people can continue their march toward freedom, return [to their homeland] and establish an independent Palestinian State, with its capital in Jerusalem.

Based on these exalted nationalist and religious premises, the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s delegation and Hamas met on the steadfast land of Gaza, to agree on timetables for ending the division and applying a national reconciliation agreement.

Two meetings were held over a period of two days, between the two delegations, and the meetings were characterized by a spirit of understanding, diligence, agreement, and giving priority to the interests of the homeland; whereby the following was agreed upon:

To emphasize a commitment to all that was agreed upon in the Cairo Agreement — including the understandings thereto — and the Doha Declaration, and [these agreements] shall be considered a reference for implementation [of reconciliation].

The government: President Mahmoud Abbas will begin consultations to form a government of national consensus, in line with his history, and it shall be declared within the legally specified period of five weeks, based on the Cairo Agreement and the Doha Declaration, and it will carry out all of its obligations.

Elections: To emphasize that legislative, presidential and National Council elections will be held simultaneously, and the president is authorized to set a date for elections, in consultation with the national forces and actors, and the elections shall be held at least six months after the formation of the government.

This shall be discussed in the [Palestinian] Liberation Organization Activation Committee, during its next meeting, and the requirements for holding the said elections shall be completed.

The [Palestinian] Liberation Organization: It was agreed that the Palestinian Liberation Organization Activation and Development Committee will meet, to exercise its functions stipulated in the agreements, within five weeks as of this date, and it was confirmed that its meetings will continue periodically thereafter.

The Social Reconciliation Committee: the immediate resumption of work on social reconciliation, including [the work of] subcommittees, based on what was agreed upon in Cairo.

Freedoms Committee: An emphasis on the application of what was agreed upon in Cairo, concerning the issue of public freedoms, and the Public Freedoms Committee in the West Bank and Gaza has been called upon to resume work immediately and implement its decisions.

The Legislative Council: An emphasis on the application of what has been agreed upon, to activate the Palestinian Legislative Council and for it to carry out its duties.

In conclusion, the two delegations affirm the value of and their appreciation for the Egyptian role in overseeing the reconciliation agreement, and they confirm that this role will continue, and note the value of comprehensive Arab support for the application of the reconciliation agreement.

Palestinian Liberation Organization Delegation/Hamas Movement Delegation
Azzam al-Ahmad [Signature] /Ismail Haniyeh [Signature]
Bassam al-Salahi [Signature] /Mousa Abu Marzouk [Signature]
Mustafa al-Barghouti [Signature] /Imad al-Almy [Signature]
Munieb al-Masri [Signature] /Mahmoud al-Zahar [Signature]
Jamil Shehada [Signature] /Khalil al-Hayya [Signature]
Nizar Aoudallah [Signature]

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