Julie Webb-Pullman reports

Gaza: The heart of darkness

by Julie Webb-Pullman


The horror, the horror.

Inescapable, enveloping infinite horror.

Arriving at Shifa hospital on Saturday I had to stand aside as a car drove through and stopped. A man approached it with the bright white body of a freshly-swaddled child, ready for burial.

I walked behind the car, straight into a group of men carrying a stretcher with what appeared to be a covered body. As they hurried past a bloodied limb fell onto the ground in front of me.

Young men sat against the building, their heads on their knees, sobbing.

This is Gaza.

On Sunday morning it was not just one car, but seven or eight lined up, waiting for their grisly cargo of crushed or blasted bodies and grief.

So many children, so many women, so many grandmothers and grandfathers chopped, minced, sliced, diced by the Israeli butchers and their US enablers.

So many homes reduced to rubble, not by some natural disaster but by the very unnatural, incredibly perverse and completely depraved man-made disaster called the state of Israel.

A self-declared state based on the United Nations partition plan of 1947 in breach of Article 1(2) its own Charter, which calls for “respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples.”

A state which expects and demands all the benefits of membership of the United Nations, but which refuses to accept any of the accompanying responsibilities such as observation of or adherence to UN covenants, conventions, declarations, and resolutions.

A state that enjoys total impunity for blatantly flouting international law, and for its ongoing war crimes against the Palestinian people.

Imagine the international outrage if Iraqi military forces flew over Britain or the US and bombed the homes of British and American soldiers who had served in Iraq, killing their entire families.

Imagine the international outrage if the Canadian military bombed the homes of all Republican – or Democrat – supporters in the United States because they considered the party to be terrorist (at least they would have more justification).

Count the dead and injured in Israel (0 – 9), and count the dead and injured in Gaza (172 – 1,260).

It is abundantly clear who is the aggressor, and who is the victim – and the victim is NOT Israel.

It is the 1.8 million Palestinians being exterminated right now, while the world watches, the US enables, and the UN does nothing.

The only entity more culpable for the current massacre of Gazans than the rogue states of USrael is the United Nations itself.

The dead children, the severed limbs, the unrelenting horror of life and death in Gaza today – courtesy of the Nations United – against Palestine.

2 responses

  1. T.M.Peeters

    Why do you use the photo of a murdered Syrian christian baby to accompany this article?

    July 20, 2014 at 10:29 pm

    • This photograph was taken in Gaza on Monday 14 July at 3.56 in the afternoon. I do not know where you got the idea that it is of a Christian Syrian child.

      July 21, 2014 at 9:03 am

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