Julie Webb-Pullman reports

Internationals in Gaza Against Israeli Escalations


July 08, 2014

We as internationals have a voice that Palestinians are denied. We raise it today to break the silence that permits Israeli violations against Palestinian people, and against you, through Israel’s breaches of international law.

You must act now, so that your silence does not become a free pass for Israel to escalate operation “Our Brothers’ Keepers,” whose expansion leads us to fear that it may continue to grow in level and in violence into abject slaughter.

The West Bank killings, ground invasions with tanks, overflights, violent home invasions, indiscriminate and arbitrary civilian arrests, rearrests of freed prisoners, threats to force-feed hunger strikers, the free hand given to settler violence, are accompanied by daily bombings of Gaza, attacks on its farmers and fishermen, F-16 overflights, and targeted killings by drones, which recall the precursors of the 2008 and 2012 Israeli offensives.

Israel justifies the current operation using the deaths of three young Israeli settlers in territory under full Israeli control in the West Bank, deaths which remain unclaimed by any Palestinian faction, and whose involvement Israel has produced no evidence for.

This is nothing more than an operation, probably preordained, of collective punishment of Palestinians hard on the heels of the formation of a unity government following reconciliation between the major Palestinian factions.

This operation is being used to impose by force, with fear and its army, the opposition of the Israeli government to Palestinian national reconciliation.

We are close to the Palestinians victims, and who have committed themselves as actors in the difficult process of building national unity, and we tell our governments and the public that we are opposed to any complicity with the illegal attempts of Israel to destroy it.

The continued silence of the international community gives a green light to Israel.

Palestinians are united in resistance, but people in solidarity from all over the world, standing next to them and raising their voices in support, will give great strength to the Palestinian people in their struggle against a cruel occupier.

We therefore demand that all governments implement economic sanctions against Israel, the usual international response to those states that flout international law, UN resolutions and the Geneva Convention.

We also call on human rights organisations and people of good conscience everywhere to condemn the crimes against humanity that Israel commits with impunity towards the Palestinian people, and ask you to take action in your communities to resist this injustice and promote solidarity with the suffering of an entire people.

Rina Andolini – UK
Charlie Andreasson – Sweden
Joe Catron – USA
Valeria Cortes – Venezuela
Fred Ekblad – Sweden
Manu Pineda – Spain
Julie Webb-Pullman – New Zealand and Australia


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