Julie Webb-Pullman reports

Gaza streets awash with blood

Shajaia martyrs filling the morgue

Shajaia martyrs filling the morgue

The early morning massacre of civilians in the Shajai’a neighbourhoood of Gaza City killed at least 40 and left at least 200 injured. An unknown number of dead and injured still lie in the streets, unable to be retrieved because of continuing Israeli fire.

Hundreds of houses have been destroyed.

This atrocity is a blatant war crime.

The international community, and particularly the United Nations, are stained with the blood of the dead.

Their inaction in two weeks of escalating crimes against humanity, their failure to take decisive action to bring the rogue state of Israel under control, make them not only complicit, but active partners in the genocide of the people of Shajai’a, and of Palestine.

And all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten their little hands.

One response

  1. Thanks for your brave reporting Julia. Your words with Jim Mora this afternoon on Radio NZ need to be repeated. The media are preoccupied with WHAT is happening and all for blood and agony but weak and perhaps blind as to WHY these desperate actions of the besieged Palestinian are taking up arms. Even foreign minister Carey fails to draw the conclusion that injustice and land grabbing are the issue and the jewish leadership must deal with it. I fear for them if they do not. I spent 3 months in Israel in 2012. Fr Paul Shannahan sm

    July 21, 2014 at 7:27 am

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