Julie Webb-Pullman reports

Ministry of Health Gaza


The Ministry of Health in Gaza is disappointed that US Secretary of State John Kerry has pledged to give a paltry USD $47 million in humanitarian aid to Gaza, while at the same time providing over 3 billion a year to Israel for the very weapons being used to create the crisis.

The brutal Israeli military assaults of the past two weeks, largely funded or equipped by the United States, have now killed 605 Palestinians and injured 3,805, over 76 percent of them in their homes.

Six hospitals and seven health clinics have been attacked, some multiple times, completely destroying one clinic and forcing the complete evacuation of two hospitals. The Blood Bank, ambulance stations and ambulance services have also been targeted, and 12 ambulances have been destroyed since July 6.

136 essential medicines are at zero stock, and 85 near to zero, while 475 medical disposables are at zero, with 71 more to run out within hours.

Medical staff and patients are unable to access hospitals and clinics due to military attacks on and around them.

The $47 million from the United States will barely make a dent in the Minister of National Economy Mohammad Mustafa’s estimate of $3 billion in losses to Gaza as a result of the Israeli offensive.

It will certainly not cover the $60 million identified by the WHO and the Palestinian Ministry of Health as necessary to ensure sufficient supplies of medicine, medical supplies and referral care after only four days of attacks, when only 570 people had been injured.

While the Ministry of Health welcomes every cent that can be put towards alleviating the crisis faced by the Gaza health sector, it would welcome even more an end to US financing of the Israeli war machine, and the diversion of those funds to Gaza to cover the costs of the damages the US has colluded in causing.

It would welcome an end to blind US support for the Israeli colonial project, and a beginning to a fair and just solution based on acknowledgement of the equal right of self-determination of the Palestinian people, and their equal right to security.

The Ministry notes the vast disparity between Israeli justifications for the atrocities it is meting out in Gaza, ie that it is protecting its citizens from Palestinian rockets fired by terrorists, and the facts on the ground.

During this entire offensive, 27 of the 29 Israelis killed by Palestinian fire have been soldiers, and one of the two ‘civilians’ was serving the military when he was killed.

This means that the Palestinian strike rate on military targets is 96 percent, and only 4 percent civilian.

The Israeli strike rate, on the other hand, is 20 percent military and 80 percent civilian, according to UN reports.

Who is the terrorist, Mr Kerry?

This unbridled Israeli state terrorism, and US financial support for it, must cease immediately.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza demands:

1. An end to the disproportionate and criminal Israeli assaults against the Gaza Strip;

2. An end to US financial support for the Israeli war machine that is wreaking such havoc on the lives and limbs of Palestinians, and creating a crisis in the health and humanitarian sector;

3. The provision of the necessary fuel and medical items to ensure adequate health care to the thousands of wounded;

4. Lifting of the siege of Gaza immediately, to enable fuel, medicines, supplies, medical teams and patients free movement across the borders;

5. That the Israeli occupation be held accountable for its war crimes, evidenced by the targeting of civilians, hospitals and clinics, medical personnel and facilities.

Dr Yousef AbuAlrish, Deputy Minister of Health +972 597 918 339
Dr Medhat Abbas, Director General, Ministry of Health +972 599 403 547

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