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Hamas is not a monster, it is a legitimate national liberation movement

By Khalid Amayreh, Occupied Palestine


The Judeo-Nazi propaganda machine has been trying rather rabidly to demonize Hamas, the Palestinian-Islamic Liberation Movement. Irate Israeli officials used every conceivable offensive epithet in the dictionary to besmirch Hamas’s image, like calling the group “terrorist” and “genocidal.”

The truth of the matter is that Hamas is neither terrorist nor genocidal. It is rather an Islamic-nationalist liberation group, not so different from other liberation movements, past and present.

Hamas, which began as a small charitable organization helping the poor and the needy, is actually fighting Jewish oppression and persecution. Israel, a Nazi-like state par excellence, has been trying non-stop to physically annihilate the Palestinian people.

The ongoing Jewish holocaust against helpless women and children in the Gaza Strip, which has murdered and maimed tens of thousands of innocent civilians, including at least a thousand children, should unmask and expose Israel’s real face, an evil and Satanic racist entity, hell bent on achieving domination and hegemony.

Hamas doesn’t have an army, an air force or a navy. Hamas can hardly protect Palestinian civilians against the onslaught and blitz of the Jewish Gestapo and Jewish Wehrmacht.

But Hamas, which enjoys a wide popularity among Palestinians, insists on deliverance from the shackles of Jewish Nazism. Nothing more.

Israel, which effectively controls the American government via a powerful Jewish lobby in Washington, refuses rather adamantly to grant Palestinians freedom. Instead, Israel is intensively building Jewish-only colonies on occupied Arab land. To put it simply, Israel wants the Palestinians to become slaves in their own homeland.

Israel is also transferring hundreds of thousands of its own citizens to the West Bank, enabling them by way of using organized state terror to arrogate Arab homes and Arab land.

And when the helpless Palestinians appeal to the United Nations Security Council to rein in Jewish Nazism and check its lebensraum expansion, Israel’s guardian ally, the United States routinely uses its veto power to shield the Judeo-Nazi entity from international condemnation.

It is in this atmosphere of world inaction that Hamas appeared. Indeed, one can safely claim that had the international community treated the Palestinian cause with any semblance of justice, Hamas may not have appeared in the first place.

This shows that Hamas is not really the problem. It is certainly not the evil ghoul the Judeo-Nazi media often portrays.

Israel and the secular Palestinian Authority (PA) have been negotiating for more than two decades, but to no avail. The reason is simple and clear. Israel feels too strong and is too recalcitrant to come to terms with Palestinian rights, including the right to exist as a people. Instead of reaching a dignified peace, Israel wants to have peace and at the same time keep the spoils of its 1967-agression. But that is impossible as evident from the persistence of the conflict.

And the international community remains too impotent and too unprincipled to call the spade a spade.

No one is claiming that Hamas is a movement of angels. However, in comparison with the Judeo-Nazi entity, aka Israel, Hamas does look morally vindicated.

Take the current Judeo-Nazi blitz against Gaza. So far, nearly 2100 Palestinian civilians have been brutally murdered by the supremacist Jewish entity whose Talmudic ideology doesn’t even ascribe humanity to non-Jews. Indeed, according to this nefarious scripture, the life of a goy (non-Jew), irrespective of him or her being a Muslim, a Christian, or a Hindu, has no sanctity whatsoever.

Israeli criminality is further elucidated by the fact that 90% of Israeli casualties have been crack combat soldiers. On the Palestinian side, more than 90% of casualties have been innocent civilians.

Israel keeps deceiving and fooling the world as far as Hamas is concerned. Israel invokes the fact that Hamas doesn’t recognize Israel! Well, does Israel recognize Palestine? The answer is an absolute “No”. Hence, one might legitimately ask the following question: why should Hamas or any other Palestinian entity recognize Israel when Israel refuses to recognize Palestine?

To be sure, the PLO did recognize Israel in 1993. However, instead of receiving a reciprocal Israeli recognition of a Palestinian state based on the 1967-borders, Israel indulged in a frantic campaign of settlement building, which effectively decapitated any remaining prospect for the so-called two-state solution strategy.

More to the point, every honest man and woman under the sun ought to meticulously examine the ideologies of Israeli political parties, including those forming the current government.

Is it not amply clear that these parties are a thousand times more evil and more racist than anything attributed to Hamas?

At the very least, Hamas does believe in the principle of human equality. Hamas has no problem coexisting with Jews as Jews. Just compare this fact with the Nazi-like Talmudic doctrine which doesn’t recognize the very humanity of non-Jews. Just read their books! Read Ha-Tanya, read Chesronot Shas … read the hate literature of Jewish groups like Chabad.

To conclude, honest people around the globe, even including Jews, must not allow themselves to be duped and brainwashed by Judeo-Nazi mendacity. These people are too depraved and mentally-sick to tell the truth. Their real name ought to be God’s lying people, not God’s chosen people. God doesn’t choose liars, murderers and child-killers to be His people.

I am saying this while mindful of the fact that there are many honest and conscientious Jews who refuse to succumb to Jewish Nazism. I salute these people for their rectitude.

But, alas, these people are a tiny minority amongst Jews. I wish I were wrong.

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    August 21, 2014 at 7:25 pm

  2. Miss Castello

    “Hamas doesn’t have an army, an air force or a navy.”
    Spot on.

    Extract from ‘Once Upon a Palestine’ (copyright).

    ‘Garden shed rockets and rocks in kids pockets!
    No army! No navy! No train with the gravy!
    Just a will and a way, no if’s but’s or maybe!


    November 10, 2014 at 8:58 pm

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