Julie Webb-Pullman reports

Great March of Return.. An option feared by the occupation

by Alaa al-Rimawi


The Zionist entity is gearing up to confront the mass participation and expansion of the Great March of Return amidst internal Israeli conflict on techniques needed to quell this peaceful form of resistance, which is capable of gaining worldwide support.

Anyone can notice the Zionist confusion through the statements issued by Israeli politicians or senior officers of the Zionist army, who differ in their description of the Great March of Return and the techniques needed to quell these peaceful protests. Some of the steps taken by the Zionist occupation and the US to deter it are:

First: Seeking help form some Arabs and Westerners. Egypt received continuous phone calls from the Zionist Entity to pressure Hamas to reach a period of calm at Gaza borders. The Great March of Return was a subject of discussion between Egypt and the US, who urged the former to move and prevent an escalation in the region.

Second: Politically delegitimising Gaza. The launch of Great March of Return coincided with the statements of Saudi Crown Prince, in which he attacked Hamas and classified it as a “threat” to the Saudi National Security. One of the issues that the Middle Eastern powers seek to settle is the so-called ‘Deal of the Century,’ so they use such statements to adopt obvious Arab positions against Gaza and its Palestinian resistance.

Third: Undermining the objectives of the Great March of Return. There is a Zionist propaganda machine linked to some suspicious Arab platforms and media outlets working day and night on undermining the efforts made to achieve the goals of the Great March of Return.

Fourth: Threatening and terrorising the participants in the Great March of Return. The Zionist occupation terrorised and threatened the peaceful protesters of the Great March of Return and conveyed a message that it isn’t concerned about the popular achievements on the ground.

We wanted to demonstrate these techniques to pose the question, ‘Why does the Zionist occupation fear the Great March of Return and set up standing committees from the foreign, security, and information ministries to quell it?’

The answer to this question, according to the statements of the occupation leadership, is summarised in the following points:

First: Security. The Zionist occupation believes that escalating tension at the southern front will provide a widespread incitement machine, which will influence the security situation in the occupied West Bank, Jerusalem and 1948 Palestinian territories ahead of Al-Nakbah.

Second: Resistance. The Zionist occupation thinks that the Palestinians gathering at Gaza borders will create a new form of resistance and pave the way for the comeback of a wave of resistance operations.

Third: Reviving the peaceful and diplomatic struggle. It’s clear that the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS) has succeeded in shedding the light on the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians and bringing back the Palestinian cause to its rightful status in the international community after being marginalised amidst the tense situations in the Middle East.

Fourth: The Great March of Return came as a blow to the so-called ‘Deal of the Century’ as it halted the strenuous Arabs efforts to liquidate the Palestinian cause. The continuation of the Great March of Return poses an insurmountable obstacle in the way settling the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Fifth: It rearranged the Palestinian agenda and raised the level of political circle, which get involved into a wave of internal escalation ahead of the bomb attack on Palestinian PM Rami al-Hamadallah’s motorcade that resulted in a systemized attack on the Gaza Strip.

Sixth: It provided an opportunity to review steps taken by the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas regarding holding the Palestinian National Council (PNC) and The Executive Committee of Palestine Liberation Organization, especially after Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine boycotted the PNC meeting.

Seventh: It raised the internal and external, popular awareness towards the Palestinian cause as it brought it back to the forefront of politics.

For that, the organisers of the Great March of Return need to exert great efforts to preserve it in the upcoming stage:

First: Adopting a scientific rhetoric taking into consideration the sides to which the messages are delivered and the languages that suit them.

Second: Maintain the peaceful protests and reducing the losses through the systemized demonstrations at Gaza borders and sparking off the reaction outside the coastal enclave.

Third: Devoting Fridays to maintain a Palestinian presence in the European capitals and in the US and the rest of week to secure a worldwide diplomatic support.

Fourth: Moving the protests to the Palestinian refugee camps in diaspora to march at borders with the historical Palestine and if not possible at the entrances of the camps.

Fifth: Launching a Freedom Flotilla that consists of hundreds of boats from different countries and it should arrive on one of the Fridays.

Sixth: Arranging for a massive car motorcade that it kicks off from different European countries towards the countries around the occupied Palestine prior to the Nakba Day.

Seventh: Adopting media plan to cover the activities through joint waves.

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