Julie Webb-Pullman reports

Solidarity convoy of ambulances finally arrives in besieged Gaza

Kia Ora Gaza

One of the first ambulances to pass through the gates with lights flashing and sirens sounding.

There were jubilant scenes at the border gate as the first batch of the ‘Miles of Smiles’ international convoy of new, fully equipped ambulances has finally arrived in Gaza from Egypt today.

Sponsored by civil society organisations from dozens of countries around the world, this is undoubtedly the largest humanitarian convoy of new ambulances to break through the harsh 14 year siege of Gaza.

Convoy organisers confirmed that “Today, 18 ambulances successfully passed the Rafah Crossing Point. The remaining nine ambulances are still awaiting approval at the crossing point. We’d like to thank everyone who helped bring joy and happiness to the people of Gaza.”

Miles of Smiles coordinator Dr Essam Yousef added: In my name and my colleagues at Miles of Smiles convoys I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone…

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