Julie Webb-Pullman reports


Egyptian writers welcomed to Gaza

Palestinian Minister of Sports, Youth, and Culture Mohammed Al-Madhoun, along with local writers and intellectuals, this evening welcomed a delegation of writers from Egypt, who will be in Gaza for the next four days.

‘Meeting of Minds’ – Egyptian intellectuals and their Gaza counterparts

Speaking at a cultural event at Al Mashtal Hotel at which some of the six Egyptians and several Palestinians performed their works, Al-Madhoun noted that the visitors will rebuild bridges between the intellectuals of Egypt and Gaza.

One of the delegation, Abdul Al-Rahman Yousef, informed the audience that when the delegation was told that because of the current Israeli attacks on Gaza it is not safe to travel here, they responded that they [the Egyptian delegation] are no more important than those who die here, so they will come and die with them.

Another added that when he arrived, he was surprised by the resolve of the Palestinian people. “I am here to learn from the heroes of Gaza, who write history with their blood,” he said.

Palestinian poet Abel Al-Khaled Al- A’f launched the cultural segment of the evening with a poem he wrote after Abu Mazen’s speech giving up his right of return, in which he wrote that Safed now does not want him.

Two Palestinian women poets gave impassioned and inspired performances, one of Alaa al-Katrawy can be seen below – it is only in Arabic, sorry!

Translation at event by Fatma Al-Hasham