Julie Webb-Pullman reports

Israeli Incursions

Israeli tanks and bulldozers invading Gaza territory

03 December 2012
09:11 am

In a clear breach of the ceasefire agreement, Israeli military forces are currently conducting a ‘leveling operation’ 300 meters inside Gaza territory south-east of Al Maghazi.

Four tanks and five bulldozers are preparing the ground for what many here expect to be a land invasion in the near future.

Meanwhile, the United Nations observes.

Israeli tanks and bulldozers conducting ‘maintenance’ inside Gaza

29 November 2012

Two Israeli Defence Force tanks and four bulldozers thismorning penetrated a few meters inside Palestinian territory east of Kissufim, near Khan Younis, where they remain at this time (08:50).

They are puportedly conducting maintenace on the border fence.

Gaza Action: 24 hours, 10am-10am, 10th-11th November


Air Force air strikes: 16
Tank shells: 14

Home Made Rockets: 35
Grad-style rocket: 2
Mortars: 18
Anti-tank missile: 1

Deaths and Injuries


Fatalities: 4
Injuries: 29, at least six are critical

Fatalities: 2
Injuries: 1


Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 3

Israeli Forces
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 4

So, despite Palestinians defending themselves with a fraction of the fire-power of Israel, and causing a correspondingly low number of injuries with no fatalities, and despite the extremely HIGH number of Palestinian civilian deaths and injuries caused by Israel, Bibi and his henchmen are still falsely claiming the moral high ground to justify their proposed “reformatting of Gaza.

Wake up, world.

Gaza Government condemns cowardly Israeli attack on mourning civilians

The Gaza Government has strongly condemned today’s Israeli attack on a tent full of mourners in the eastern Gaza City neighbourhood of Shujaiyeh late this afternoon.

At least four are dead, ten are still fighting for their lives, and another twenty are injured following the cowardly shelling of grieving civilians.

18 year-old Ahmad al-Dardasawi and 17 year old Muhammad Hararah died immediately, while two unidentified men died later from injuries sustained in the attack.

“The Palestinian Government in Gaza condemns the continuous aggression against our people, and holds the enemy government responsible for the large number of civilian deaths and injuries,” they said in a statement released by the Government Media Office this evening.

“The Palestinian Government calls on the world to stop Israeli aggression, and stresses the right of Palestinians to self defence as long as the aggression continues.”

They added that they are attending to the treatment needs of the many injured, despite the siege and the difficult conditions.

“We condemn the Zionist escalation in the strongest terms, and call on the international community and the world powers to rein it in,” they said.

Israeli tanks also shelled an area east of Khan Younis late afternoon, injuring at least another four people.

More Israeli tanks and bulldozers breaching Palestinian sovereignty

Israeli incursion now ended – Israel’s withdrawal was accompanied by heavy machine gun fire, during which a bullet hit the petrol tank of a motorcycle, causing it to explode.

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Israeli tanks and bulldozers are right now conducting a ‘sweeping operation’ inside Palestinian territory southeast of the Karni area, Gaza City.