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Gaza is Israel’s Vietnam, with Hamas victorious

by Mike Carlton
Source: Crikey

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Benjamin Netanyahu has ensured that no Israeli will ever again know peace, writes former ABC war correspondent and naval historian Mike Carlton.

So Hamas wins. No matter how Israel and its friends spin it, the raw fact is that this “indefinite ceasefire” leaves Hamas unbeaten in Gaza.

Bloodied and battered, yes, with an echelon of its senior military and political leadership killed by Israeli airstrikes. But it is only down, not out. It lives to fight another day, which means that Benjamin Netanyahu and his hard-Right Likud-coalition government have failed, and disastrously so, in their stated aim of ensuring Israel’s security by a crushing military and economic dominance of the Palestinian people. They rolled the dice. They lost. (more…)

Israeli drone kills two in Beit Hanoun

An Israeli drone strike on a car in Beit Hanoun, north Gaza, has killed two people.

Spokesman of the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Ashraf AlQudra has confirmed the deaths of Ahmad AlZa’anin, 21 years old, and his cousin Muhammad Za’anin, 23.

Ahmed AlZaanin

Ahmed AlZaanin

The drone strike follows yesterday’s threat by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to teach Gaza’s ruling Hamas movement a lesson “very soon.”

Netanyahu made the threat at a joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the Palestinian capital, Jerusalem.

Drones and F-16s are flying low over Gaza, while Israeli military vehicles mass on the border east of Khan Younes.

The Palestinian government in Gaza has declared a state of emergency, and the evacuation of the headquarters of security and government.

The Palestinian resistance movements have declared a state of full alert.

Members of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza have responded to the Israeli extra-judicial killing of the two young men with a barrage of rocket fire towards Israeli settlements and military bases.

The Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades – the military wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in Gaza – has issued a statement mourning the deaths of Ahmed Za’anin and his cousin Mohamed Za’anin. It stated that the two martyrs were cadres of the Brigades of the Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa.