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Anniversary of Prisoner Exchange Celebrated in Gaza City

18 October 2012 was the first anniversary of the prisoner exchange of over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners for Israeli soldier captured in action, Gilad Shalit. Many of the released prisoners, as well as the families of Palestinians still remaining behind Israeli bars, celebrated the historic occasion with an event in Gaza City, attended by Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and Minister of Detainees’ Affairs Dr Atallah AbuSebah.


AbuSebah calls on Palestinian Resistance to rise up

In one of a series of events being held around Gaza this week to mark the first anniversary of the Palestinian Prisoners-Gilad Shalit exchange deal, Minister of Detainees’ Affairs Dr Atallah AbuSebah today called for the resistance, especially that of Fatah, to rise up, shake the dust off the shameful negotiations with the Israeli Occupation, and sweep the Israeli occupation from Palestinian lands. “The first step is to liberate our prisoners,” he said.

Dr AbuSebah also called on the international community to stand up for Palestinian prisoners, and to tell the Israeli Occupation ENOUGH OF THIS CRIMINALITY.

The Women’s Movement of the Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement were also present, with a banner denouncing the Zionist violations against their heroic prisoners.

Hamas women denounce Zionist violations against Palestinian prisoners