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Israeli rocket kills 3 Gazans, bringing 24-hour death toll to 6

An Israeli drone fired a rocket at a group of Palestinians near Sofa crossing, on Tuesday morning. Three people – Abdulshafi Mo’ammar, 33, Ismael Abu Jouda, 23, and Shaher Abu Shanab, 24 – were killed.

This brings the total of Palestinians killed by Israel in the last 24 hours in the West Bank and Gaza to six.

Palestinian Raed Zuaiter, 38, a judge at the Amman Court of First Instance, was killed at the Jordan River crossing point on Monday morning while on his way to visit family in the West Bank.

Saji Darwish, 18, from Beitin village was killed near Ramallah by Israeli forces, and Fidaa Muhye Addin Majadlah died following a car chase by Israeli police. Palestinian security sources told AFP that Israeli troops fired at the car, but that it was not clear whether Majadlah was killed by the gunfire or the crash.

Also on Tuesday morning dozens of Israeli military vehicles and bulldozers carried out an incursion east of Khuza’a village, in the southern Gaza Strip.

Six bulldozers entered into the area and carried out leveling operations east of al-Rowaida gate, amid gunfire.

Israeli gunboats also opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats off the Gaza coast. No injuries or damage were reported.