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Hugo Chavez’s 2009 speech on Gaza after expelling the Israeli Ambassador from Venezuela

Uploaded on 6 Jun 2009

Hugo Chavez Kicks Out Israeli Ambassador to Venezuela

Venezuela yesterday expelled the Israeli Ambassador, saying it was an act of solidarity with the people of Gaza.

From an official statement:

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses, yet again, together with people across the world, horror at the death of innocent women and children—a product of the Gaza Strips invasion by Israeli troops and the continual aereal and ground bombardment systematically unloaded by the State of Israel on the Palestinian Territory

At this tragic and indignant hour, the People of Venezuela manifests its unrestricted solidarity with the heroic Palestinian people; share the pain that has overcome the thousands of families for the loss of their loved ones; and standing with them, the Venezuelan government affirms that it will not rest until those responsible for these criminal atrocities are severely punished.

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela sharply condemns the flagrant violations of the international law which the State of Israel has incurred, and denounces its planned use of State terrorism, with which this State has positioned itself at the margins of National order.

For the reasons outlined above, the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has decided to expel the Israeli Ambassador and part of its personnel at the Israeli Embassy in Venezuela, reaffirming its vocation of peace and its existence that international law be respected.

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has prepared its mission in accordance to the UN so that, together with the majority of governments who require it, pressure is put on the Security Council to apply urgent and necessary measures to stop the current invasion of the State of Israel against the Palestinian Territory.

President Hugo Chávez, who has supported encounters with high representatives from the World Jewish Congress and has always opposed all anti-Semitism as he has all types of discrimination and racism, makes a brotherly plea to the Jewish community throughout the world to oppose the State of Israels criminal policies that serve as a reminder of the worst pages in the history of the twentieth century. With the genocide of the Palestinian people, the State of Israel will never be able to offer its own people a prospect toward a necessary and long lasting peace

Palestinian “holocaust” and said the presidents of Israel and the United States should be tried in international court.

“The Holocaust, that is what is happening right now in Gaza,” Chavez said in televised comments. “The president of Israel at this moment should be taken to the International Criminal Court together with the President of the United States.”

The socialist Chavez, a harsh critic of Israel and the United States, on Monday had accused Washington of poisoning the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to destabilize the Middle East and justify U.S.-backed Israeli incursions.

Israel is under international pressure to reach a cease-fire with Hamas militants and halt an offensive that has killed nearly 600 Palestinians, including more than 40 in a U.N. school sheltering civilians.

The United States, which Chavez describes as a decadent empire, firmly backs Israel — its principal ally in the region

i appreciate you Mr.CHAVEZ you are better than most of our arab leaders,,, THANK U VERY MUCH

Chavez, the sword of Bolivar

Chavez and babies2

The death of Hugo Chavez yesterday afternoon, like the death of any great man, will be mourned by millions, but the achievements of his life will celebrated, felt by, and appreciated by billions, both now and in the centuries to come.

Guided by a huge heart and an even greater sense of social justice, and following the tradition of his hero and inspiration Simon Bolivar, Hugo Chavez transformed his country from a mouldering puppet of the empire into a vibrant, literate, healthy and independent truly-democratic nation, and his continent into a progressive example of the potential of international co-operation based on solidarity, respect and mutual support.

Turning on its head the divide-and-rule strategy of imperial capitalism, and its focus on individual gain at the expense of the majority, Chavez used his charisma and charm, his intelligence and skill to convince and influence his people and his neighbours to work together for the benefit of the masses, both at home and abroad, under the catch-cry of “Socialism for the 21st Century.”

The Venezuela of today is a testament to the intelligence, commitment and sacrifices of both Chavez and his compatriots. Poverty was halved, illiteracy eliminated, health care provided to the poor, and community councils established that have bettered the lives of millions who had never previously benefited from the nation’s considerable oil wealth, until then siphoned off by the country’s elite and US interests.

Following the death of Chavez, the vultures of the empire are hovering above this fledgling socialist nation waiting for their chance to swoop. They will have a long wait, and a fight like no another if and when they do.

“We are realists – we dream the impossible,” said Che Guevara. Chavez’ greatest achievement has been to transform those dreams into reality – and to inspire the same in his followers.

Raised by his grandmother in the savannah, he once said:

“A man from the plains, from these great open spaces …tends not to see barriers. You don’t see barriers from childhood on. What you see is the horizon.”

His nation, too, has its eyes set on the horizon – and the shadow of the vultures cannot obscure what they see there.

Alerta! Alerta! Alerta que camina! La espada de Bolivar por America Latina!*

*Watch out! Watch out! Watch out what’s coming! The sword of Bolivar for America Latina!