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Israeli tanks and bulldozers conducting ‘maintenance’ inside Gaza

29 November 2012

Two Israeli Defence Force tanks and four bulldozers thismorning penetrated a few meters inside Palestinian territory east of Kissufim, near Khan Younis, where they remain at this time (08:50).

They are puportedly conducting maintenace on the border fence.

Israel kills in unprovoked air strike in Gaza City

Israeli Forces killed the Commander of the Al Qassam Brigades, Ahmad Ja’bri, in an unprovoked airstrike in Gaza City half an hour ago.

Early reports say his car was hit, killing Jaabari, and injuring his body guard.

Irate citizens are firing into the air outside Shifa hospital as news of the death spreads, while fire crews attend the scene of the strike.

There have been no rockets fired from Gaza in the last 24 hours.

More Israeli tanks and bulldozers breaching Palestinian sovereignty

Israeli incursion now ended – Israel’s withdrawal was accompanied by heavy machine gun fire, during which a bullet hit the petrol tank of a motorcycle, causing it to explode.

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Israeli tanks and bulldozers are right now conducting a ‘sweeping operation’ inside Palestinian territory southeast of the Karni area, Gaza City.