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March of Return Updates


31 martyrs have been identified so far:

Rafah Governorate:
1. Mu’tasim Abu Luli
2. Mohamed Abdel-Aal
3. Mohamed Altter
4. Ahmed El Shaer
5. Mohamed Mekdad

Khan Younis Governorate:
1. Anas Qadih
2. Nasser Abu Daqqa
3. Obeida Farhan
4. Izz al-Din al-Aweiti
5. Fadi Abu Salmi (Abu Salah)
6. Jihad Al-Farra
7. Abdel Salam Abdel Wahab
8. Mahmoud Moamer
9. Ahmed Hamdan

Middle Governorate:
1. Izz al-Din al-Sammak
2. Ahmed Awadallah
3. Wael Sheikh Khalil

Gaza Governorate:
1. Jihad Musa
2. Mohamed Harez
3. Shaher Al Madhoun
4. Said Abu al-Khair
5. Mohammed Al Amoudi
6. Moataz al-Nono
7. Mousa Abu Hassanein
8. Ibrahim Al-Zarqa
9. Yahya Al – Dakour
10. Ismail Dahouk
11. Mohammed alkhatib

North Governorate:
1. Musab Abu Laila
2. Mohammed Abu Sitta
3. Mohammed Hamad


20 DEATHS              500+ INJURIES


      1. Anas Hamdan Qdeih, 21 years, east of Khan Younis.

      2. Mus’ab Yousef Ibrahim Abu Laila, 28 years, east of Jabalia.

      3. Mohammed Ashraf AbuSettah, 26

      4. Obeida Salem Farhan, 30

      5. Ahmed Abu Daggah, 26

      6. Jihad Mofeed AlFarra, 30

      7. Izz al-Din Musa al-Sammak, 9 years, of Al-Bureij

      8. Izz al-Din Nahid al-Aweiti, 22 years, of Maan.

      9. Fadi Hassan Abu Salmi (Abu Salah) 30, Algerian, killed at Abasan al-Kabeer. Shot in the chest.

      10. Ahmed Awadallah, 24, East of Gaza

      11. Mohammed Fawzi Abu Luli, 20

      12. Hammad Mohammed Mahmoud AbdelAal

      13. Ahmed Adel Musa AlShaer, 16 years

      14. Abdelrahman Abdelrahman Ali Meqdad

      15. Unknown martyr at Al Najjar Hospital

      16. Shaher Al Madhoun


The face of Zionist terrorism in Gaza

This child died today, after being shot in the face with a tear gas canister by the Israeli military at yesterday’s March of Return inside the Gaza border.



Second Palestinian journalist dies from injuries sustained covering Gaza protests

Committee to Protect Journalists – MENA

Washington D.C., April 25, 2018–Ahmed Abu Hussein, a Palestinian photographer for the Gaza-based Voice of the People Radio, died today from bullet wounds to his abdomen sustained on April 13 while he was covering protests in the northern Gazan city of Jabalia, according to news reports citing Gazan Health Ministry officials. Hussein is the second journalist to die from injuries sustained while covering protests in Gaza that began on March 30, according to CPJ research.

“Protective gear that clearly indicates individuals are members of the press should afford them extra protection–not make them targets,” said CPJ Middle East and North Africa Program Coordinator Sherif Mansour. “The death of Ahmed Abu Hussein underscores the need for Israeli authorities to urgently scrutinize its policies toward journalists covering protests and take immediate, effective action.”

Yaser Murtaja, a photojournalist and cameraperson for the Gaza-based media production company Ain Media, was injured when a live round hit him while he was covering protests in the area east of Khan Younis on April 6 and died the next day from injuries, CPJ documented. Both Hussein and Murtaja were wearing protective gear marked with PRESS at the time they were shot. CPJ in a letter April 19 called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to review the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) policy on mass protests and the press and to ensure that the shooting of journalists in Gaza is quickly and thoroughly investigated.