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Gaza Government condemns cowardly Israeli attack on mourning civilians

The Gaza Government has strongly condemned today’s Israeli attack on a tent full of mourners in the eastern Gaza City neighbourhood of Shujaiyeh late this afternoon.

At least four are dead, ten are still fighting for their lives, and another twenty are injured following the cowardly shelling of grieving civilians.

18 year-old Ahmad al-Dardasawi and 17 year old Muhammad Hararah died immediately, while two unidentified men died later from injuries sustained in the attack.

“The Palestinian Government in Gaza condemns the continuous aggression against our people, and holds the enemy government responsible for the large number of civilian deaths and injuries,” they said in a statement released by the Government Media Office this evening.

“The Palestinian Government calls on the world to stop Israeli aggression, and stresses the right of Palestinians to self defence as long as the aggression continues.”

They added that they are attending to the treatment needs of the many injured, despite the siege and the difficult conditions.

“We condemn the Zionist escalation in the strongest terms, and call on the international community and the world powers to rein it in,” they said.

Israeli tanks also shelled an area east of Khan Younis late afternoon, injuring at least another four people.

Al Qassam Military Communique

Military Communiqué

Al Qassam Brigades to Israeli Occupation … Your Crime will not go without a response

The Israeli Occupation Forces continue its crimes against our Palestinian people, keep killing civilians and initiating aggression, to blow up the situation and export its interior crises.

Intensifying incursions, shelling and aggression as what has happened in north of Beit Hanoun city this morning, will not put pressure on us.

Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades emphasize that this crime will not go without a response.

Ezzeddeen Al-Qassam Brigades

Information Office

October 22nd, 2012